Endless Mountains Fiber Festival


Thank You for a wonderful 2016, we look forward to seeing you in 2017!

The 2016 Sheep & Goat Breed Display located in the Sheep Barn, just past the Fleece Sale.

Festival visitors will have the the opportunity to meet various breeds of sheep and goats

"in person" and have the chance to talk to the breeders one to one, feel the fleeces each breed produces as well as learn more about each breed. This is the perfect time to see what breed

or sheep might be right for your farm or farmette, or to try a new fiber for spinning.


Coopworth Sheep ~ Goodview Farm
Angora Goats ~ 
Aboundingful Farm

Leicester Longwool Sheep ~ Aboundingful Farm
Romeldale/CVM Sheep ~ 
Bohlayer's Orchards 
Scottish Blackface Sheep ~ CK Ranch

Cashmere Goats ~ 
Hermit Pond Farm

Shetland Sheep ~ Sweet Grass Farm: Seven Hills Shetlands

If you raise any purebred breed of sheep or fiber goats not listed and are interested in promoting your breed this year or in the future, please contact Ellen Anderson at, we want to promote as many breeds as possible.